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Command line parameters

EverEdit support several command line parameters, you can work with other programs easily on top of these parameters.
  • -n: (-n10:20), Move cursor to specified line and column when opening a file, column is optional.
  • -h: Don't add opened files to MRU (most recently used file)
  • -e: Force encoding, example: utf8: -e65001, Chinese: -e936, Japanese: -e932
  • -s: Syntax highlight, example: -s"HTML"
  • -r: Read-only mode
  • -i: Create a new instance of EverEdit
  • -c: Clean mode (Don't load plugins and modes)
  • -u: Update addons with update mode,example: everedit.exe -u %1
  • -w: working directory, example: -w"d:/"
Open a file by relative path:
everedit ./test.txt
Last modified 10mo ago